IPU-02 Multi-Band Car Radar Detector w/ Suction Cup Mount (DC 12V)
IPU-02 Multi-Band Car Radar Detector w/ Suction Cup Mount (DC 12V)

250GHz - Ka-band: 33. - Model: IPU-02 - Color: Black + red - Plastic material housing - Easy mounting on windshield dashboard or other smooth surface with suction cup - English announcement - Compatible with YF Spreadtrum Apical MTK APK navigation scheme - Input: DC 12V USB DC 5V - Detection angle: 360 degrees - Detection range: 300~800 meters - Supports band: X K Ka KU VG-2 - X-band: 10..500GHz - Package includes: - 1 x Radar detector - 1 x Car charger (DC 12V) - 1 x Mini USB male to male cable - 1 x Suction cup mount holder.550GHz - K-band: 24.050~24.450~13. It even speaks to you in English and gives you warnings.If you love to speed and you love to race but dont want to get the tickets from police while doing it than you need a radar detector to avoid being caught.400~36.500~10.000GHz - Ku-band: 13. It supports all the bands including K X Ka KU and VG-2. This detector is easily mounted on via the provided suction cup and has a detection range of 800 meters with a 360 degree detection angle

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Street Storm STR-9000BT.. Радар-детектор Sho-Me Signature Lite GPS. Радар-детектор Stinger S155 ST. Радар-детектор Stinger S350 ST.

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