F22 Car Flow Speed Detection Radar Detector - Black (12V)
F22 Car Flow Speed Detection Radar Detector - Black (12V)

82GHz VG-2 11.62GHz K-band 23.Model F22 Quantity 1 piece(s) Material Plastic Screen Size No Color Black Function Flow Speed Detection Language English Warning Mode Voice Alarm Detection Mode Autoscan Detection Range 400~900 m Detection Angle 360 degree Support Band X K KU KA VG-2; K KU KA X X-band 10.9~24.15MHz Working Voltage 12 V Working Current 200~500 mA Other Features Supports navigation built-in speaker supports external alarm and internal alarm; Supports vertical and horizontal; Supports any back clip Packing List 1 x Radar detector 1 x Holder stand 1 x Back clip 1 x Car charger (140cm-cable) 1 x Connection cable (20cm) 1 x Russian user manual.32~13.54GHz Ka-band 34.42~10.100~35.3GHz Ku-band 13

Подробнее 1623.58

height adjustment for front seats with seat cushion tilt adjustment left, with power-adjustable backrest leftMan. Leaving Home functionSeparate daytime running lights and Coming Home a. city automatic emergency braking for ACC lowFront Assist incl. Трекер LookOut Compact Iridium / GSM MM Black.

Устройство СОНАР УЗ 207.04. height adjustment for front seats with seat cushion tilt adj. damper controlDriving profile selection and conventional shock absorberDrive select and magn. city automatic emergency braking, without ACCFront Assist incl. towing protectionAnti-theft alarm system, passenger compartment control, backup horn and towing protectionElectronic vehicle immobilization deviceAnti-theft alarm system, passenger compartment control a.

Расшифровка заводской комплектации VAG

lumbar support in leftfront seat backrest, manually adjust. remote controland additional locking systemW/o side window aperture in load comp. rightManual height adjustment, for front seats with modified mech. operationHeight adjustment, powered on the left, manually on the right with modified mech

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